I want YOU!

to be a part of the PEt HEALTH CARE revolution ... make GOoD money and help DOGS AND CATS THAT CAN't help themselves!



Become a Holistic Pet Health Coach in 16 weeks.

Make your own hours, Work from home, or be a digital nomad.

Love what you do. Love who you work with.

Make a difference in people and pet's lives.

Testimonies From Certified Pet Health Coaches


Dear Future Pet Coach,

All your life… You’ve wanted to work with animals, to help them when they are hurting, take away their pain, and make them feel safe and loved.

But it’s frustrating…Veterinary school is hard to get into, and as a vet tech, it’s hard to make ends meet.

What if there was a way to finally do what you love, love what you do, and be handsomely paid to do it?

Become A Holistic Pet Health Coach! This one-of-a-kind certification experience is the ONLY certification program for coaching

pet parents of dogs and cats using the Dr. Ruth Roberts Integrative Method combining lifestyle changes, supplements, at-home testing, pain relief treatments, and The Original CrockPet Diet, the safest, sustainable, and most adaptable nutrition program for dogs and cats.

Now is your opportunity to be part of a revolution in pet health. Helping others learn how to make the lifestyle changes their pets desperately need, using protocols, education, and information that’s proven to bring massive change to our pet’s quality of life — and pet owner’s quality of life.


  • The science of pet health and illness - Learn why dogs and cats have cancer and other chronic diseases at alarming rates, with up-to-date information that makes a massive impact on pet health without harming them later.

  • Using food as a healing tool - food is more than just fuel, and knowing how to give the right kind of fuel, nutrients, and combinations for an individual dog or cat is critical to their health. A pet's best health starts in the bowl.

  • Dr. Ruth's 30+ years of knowledge - Use Dr. Ruth's 30+ years of knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine, and conventional veterinary medicine to support your client's pets. Dr. Ruth will have your bach during the program and afterward with coaching calls.

  • Easy-to-follow written plans for your clients - Learn how to develop lifestyle action plans in easy-to-follow and implement steps for your client's pet. Dr. Ruth's proprietary protocols will be at your disposal to make simple, clear, and easy-to-follow written plans for your clients.

  • Supplement plans  - Learn how to develop safe and effective supplement plans for specific health struggles, using high-quality products at the optimal dose.

    Business Blueprint - You are building a business that serves you and your clients. You'll get a business blueprint with step-by-step guides to set up your coaching practice, market, and create the life you have always wanted.

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